Rest in Pieces...
Welcome to the Official Greengate Mall site. This site was built and is maintained by Curb. Magazine as a service to the surviving community that remembers and cherishes the historic mall. Within are photos, stories, memories, blueprints, floor plans and general information that will take you back to the halls of the mall that you grew old with. Check out some of the historic artifacts from the mall or visit Hot Sam for some of those famous pretzels in the food court. No matter what you are here for, we thank you for visiting and hope your shopping experience is as good as it always was. Welcome, the reconstruction is
in the process...http://www.greengatemall.comshapeimage_4_link_0
WELCOME TO .COM Disclosure: Greengate Mall is no longer in service  and this site is dedicated to the memory of the historic marketplace that once stood in Greensburg, Pa. The Cinema is also no longer in service. Information, phone numbers, etc. on this site are old information and should not be used for correspondences or inquires.